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Your Most Prized Possession You love your images. You want to be able to look back on them, years down the road, and remember exactly who you were at this moment in time. We know the feeling. That’s why our albums are designed to preserve your most cherished memories for a lifetime. Imagine having your […]

Modern-day brides often ask me the question of  “Is a veil for me?”. Most often it’s whether or not you even need to wear one?! Back in the day, wearing a veil was customary for the ‘unveiling’ of the bride. Having the father lift the veil and present his daughter to the groom, was symbolically […]

Whether you’re bopping around in your sweats while you clean your home, buckling down to a really solid productivity playlist, or simply hanging with friends, music can keep you on track and really enhance your whole experience. This is doubly true for your wedding day soundtrack. The Ceremony Is your ceremony going to include a […]

Okay, let me give it to you straight. Most brides don’t consider how comfortable their shoes are before they purchase them for their big day. And I know, when it’s your wedding, comfort is the last thing you might be thinking of. What’s most important is how you feel about how you look! So, don’t […]

Whether you have a favorite flower in mind or you want something that matches your wedding-day attire– there is always more to your bouquet than you think. Don’t worry, I’m about to break it down for you. Here are five things you might not know already. # 1 KNOW WHAT FLOWERS ARE IN SEASON We […]

Ok, let’s be real for a second. Most of us all have been to a wedding and we all know the most stressful time is during family formals, right? They’re super important. I will NEVER EVER argue that, but it can be difficult wrangling everyone up and keeping everyone in the right place for their […]

Since I was a little girl, one of the things I enjoyed most about visiting my grandmother was flipping through the pages of her old photo albums. It’s true. I would visit, and flip through pages for hours and never be bored of it. There was always something magical to me about those old photographs. […]

Hey there, gorgeous. How’s wedding planning going this week? If you’re a tad overwhelmed, no worries girl. Join the bride tribe. It’s super common. I felt overwhelmed even though I was part of the industry myself! One popular question I’d like to tackle with you today is, “how many hours do I need to book […]

I remember all of this. All the questions and choices about the wedding day. Are you having a cake? Will you do hire a DJ or a band? Will your dress be white or ivory? But one in particular stumped me- “Will you be having a First Look?” What is a First Look? So, a […]

For all my soon-to-be brides out there, this week’s blog post will highlight some areas of family drama that have come up and a few tips on how to let go of this heavy burden on your wedding day. Let’s be real, wedding planning is not easy. There can be so much on your to […]