Honeymoon | 7 Tips for Stress Free Planning

Hey there, love. Guess what, aside from being married to the love of your life after the big day, you also get to celebrate a kick-butt honeymoon! But where do you start in planning? I get it… more planning?! Yes, but it’s totally worth it to do a little planning for your honeymoon and not winging it, lovie.

Here’s my top 10 tips for planning your stress-free honeymoon.

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1.) Plan in Advance-

I know I already said this once, but I’ll say it again- be sure to plan in advance. Because you’re more than likely going to a place you two haven’t ventured to before, it’s good to do your homework!

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2.) Ask an Expert or a Person Who’s Been There-

Once you determine your romantic destination of choice, ask a friend who’s been there for tips OR hire an expert. Travel agents aren’t a thing of the past and they can help you gather all the goods you need and also often times can get you a booking discount!


3.) Make Sure You’re On the Same Page-

Is this a place you BOTH want to go? Do you have the same ideas on what your honeymoon should be like? Start your marriage off right and communicate what your ideal honeymoon will be like to be sure you both have an amazing adventure!

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4.) Set a Budget-

I know it’s super fun to plan the honeymoon. It is the place where you’ll begin your journey with your spouse, but it’s also good to not blow all the the financial gifts from the wedding if that wasn’t your intention. Set a budget and stick to it as best as you can!


5.) Don’t Travel Too Close to Your Wedding Day-

When I was married, I thought I was supposed to go on the honeymoon the night of the wedding. That’s what the movies always showed! Luckily, my husband reassured me it wasn’t necessary and usually less stressful not to run off the night of the wedding and try not to miss a flight. Usually, most brides will choose to leave for their honeymoon the following weekend after their wedding. That way they won’t be rushed to change, and pack the night of their wedding. Better to celebrate at the reception than cut it short to catch a red-eye flight, love.

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6.) Think About the Time of Year and the Climate-

Are you thinking of some place in Europe? How about a place tropical? Make sure wherever your dream destination is will be ideal weather. You wouldn’t want to go to a tropical island during their stormy season or to Europe when it is blistering cold. Do a little research.


7.) Book Your Flight Under Your Maiden Name-

I know that ideally you’d like to start your first flight as a married couple using your married name, but if there’s a chance you didn’t get to do a new drivers license or passport in time, it would save you a HUGE headache.

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I know there are a lot of other things to keep in mind when planning a honeymoon, but these, I feel, are the most popular and helpful tips. Have more to share? Comment below!!

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