Wedding Party Gift Ideas for Your Tribe

Let’s talk wedding party gifts. Your wedding party are your go to tribe of helpful worker bees during your wedding, and you should gift them with goodies as a thank you-but what to buy? I’ll admit it. I’m an ETSY fan all the way. The online shop is filled with skilled artisans that are super great at personalizing almost anything you’re looking for!

Below are a couple popular items that I’ve seen as gifts!

First, a Personalized Tumbler created by Decorated Bliss would be awesome for those bridesmaids of yours. They’re cute and practical cause here in Arizona we need to stay hydrated, ladies!

Plus, not only can you add their names, but there’s a huge selection of colors to choose from to help match your wedding day colors!

wedding party gift personalized tumblers

You know what are also super practical bridesmaid gift? Robes. Not only do the ladies have something cute to wear while you all are getting ready on your wedding day, but they make for beautiful curated photos! Check out Pretty Robe Shop’s selected of Bridesmaid Satin Robes!

wedding party gift bridesmaid satin robe

ShopatBash also creates these adorable personalized Tote Bags perfect for storing your gal pal’s goodies above and more.

wedding party gift tote bags for bridesmaid gifts

Now, it’s totally true. Girls can be super easy to buy a wedding party gift, but how ’bout those men folk? No worries here!!! Everything Decorated has created this amazing Groomsmen Gift Box a containing personalized flasks and pocket knife.

wedding party gift idea groomsmen gift box

Create Your Own Gift Shop also created personalized Beer Steins for the guys.

wedding party gift beer stein for groomsmen gift

My Personalized Memories also created personalized Bottle Openers for those not sporting a twist off drink.

wedding party gift bottle opener for groomsmen gift


Well, I know there’s a lot of personalized items on this blog post, but I will be honest. It’s a hit with my past EB PHOTO brides and bridesmaids. There’s just something a little more special when you get a wedding party gift that’s been branded with your own name.

Have other cool gift ideas you’d like to share! Comment below, love.

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Please note: no photos on this blog post belong to EB PHOTOGRAPHY. They are provided by the named ETSY sellers above. Thank you.

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