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Accommodating out-of-town guests is an essential part of your wedding planning and details!

Your wedding is coming up and you’re hip-deep in planning and dreaming, but have you thought about all you can do to accommodate your out-of-town guests yet?

Most wedding guests come in from out of town and that says something about how much they love you and want to be part of your day, so it makes sense that you should do your best to make their travels and their stay for your wedding as easy and enjoyable as possible!


Emily Brault, Accommodating Out of Town Guests


You all know how much I love lists, so here are some easy and helpful tips for accommodating out of town guests and making their wedding experience amazing and fun:

Wedding Itinerary

First and foremost, give them all the details! Provide an itinerary of the festivities that contains the following information:

A selection of recommended places to stay (especially places where you have pre-negotiated a group rate).

Pre- and post-wedding event activities (such as brunch or gift opening) and dress codes, if there are any.

Details of the wedding day itself—if transportation is provided (details of how to get to it at what time, the times to arrive for the ceremony and reception, where to park (if they choose to drive), what to bring (if anything special is required like cash for the bar or an umbrella if it’s an outdoor wedding), and anything else that will get them to your venues on time and easily.

Contact numbers of your friends or family members who have agreed to help show your guests around or help them find whatever they may need.

Wedding Website

You could also create a wedding website for the younger crowd and add all the details to it so they can find everything they need on their phones and not have to carry a hard copy of the itinerary around. 


Emily Brault, Accommodating Out of Town Guests


Suggested Activities

Plan some activities or suggest some places that your out of town guests can go while they are waiting around for your wedding to begin. Let them know the names and locations of local attractions (Craft Breweries and wineries, recreational centers for any guests with kids, local hikes or parks for the outdoorsy types, or anything else you can think of) that will keep them entertained and help them enjoy what your city or town has to offer. 

Host a BBQ or dinner

Even though you will be busy in the days leading up to the wedding, remember that the wedding day itself is a whirlwind of activity for the bride and groom and it doesn’t give you a lot of time to spend with your guests, one on one. Think about hosting a BBQ or dinner at a favorite local restaurant for any guests who come early. It will give you a chance to sit down and have some quality time with each of your guests before the hustle and bustle of the big day!

Prepare Personalized Thank You Cards Beforehand

This is a fantastic way to show your appreciation and love for your out of town guests at your wedding. Order some Thank You cards with a photo from your engagement session and then spend an hour or two before the big day preparing a personalized thank you card for each out of town guest (or their family), letting them know how much you appreciate that they travelled so far to share the day with you and how much you love them.

Then, during the wedding reception, take a few minutes to hand out the cards personally and let your guests know you are really happy they are there with you. This little token is especially appreciated by the older folks who still love to send cards and letters to their loved ones and everybody feels special to know you put in the effort to think of them beforehand. You can also do this for all your guests so nobody feels left out!

Whatever you choose to do to accommodate you’re out of town guests, keep in mind that traveling can be stressful on people (especially if they have little ones), so try to make everything as easy and straightforward as possible for them!




Emily Brault, Accommodating Out of Town Guests



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