The Cost of a Wedding Photographer

You’ve found your partner, you’ve gotten engaged, and you’re about to pick the venue. Now it’s time to face the reality of how much this beautiful wedding is going to cost. It’s true, everybody has different priorities when it comes to how much they’re willing to spend on their wedding day. While some will choose to pinch pennies everywhere else for their perfect dress, others may be inclined to put all the chips on the table for fresh cut flowers! But what are the other big-ticket items you need to think about? One of them is the cost of a wedding photographer.


EB Wedding Photography

It’s My #1 Asked Question

“How much do you charge?” Let’s be honest, every wedding photographer is different. And as a wedding photographer, there are so many things to be factored in when it comes to setting your price. From travel time to experience level and how many images you expect to get back – each come with their own price tag. Let’s give you a better idea of how much you can spend on your wedding photographer!


EB Wedding Photography

Travel Time

Once you’ve found your wedding venue, you’re ecstatic! It’s three hours out of town in the countryside, and it truly couldn’t be more beautiful. But wait, that means six hours of total driving time for your rentals and photographer to get to… Or you will have to find someone local who can also get the job done. But they charge more because they know they’re the only wedding photographer in a 35-mile radius. Depending on how many photographers there are in the area can have a huge impact on the price. This is so important to keep in mind, not just with photographers but all of the people who need to come together to make your special day everything you’ve hoped it would be!


EB Wedding Photography

Experience Level

First thing’s first, just because you see a handful of photos on a photographer’s site that you love, doesn’t mean you will see that level of quality throughout a full gallery. You have to remember, people aren’t going to show you their mediocre work, they’re going to showcase their very best.  The difference between a high price point and a low one is that you will likely get many more photos from your wedding day that you will cherish forever, instead of a handful. Make sure you ask to see at least their last two seasons of weddings before you book them. And don’t forget to ask about their nighttime shots!


What Kind of Packages can you Expect

With professional wedding photography quickly becoming a must-have-item, many photographers simply can’t make it to all of the weddings they’re been asked to shoot. Unfortunately, the Harry Potter Universe hasn’t designed a functioning time turner, yet! However, many of us have hired on a budding photographer who acts as an associate photographer.

With EB Photography, they work under my brand and have been mentored by me.  When you opt for an associate package at a lessened price, you’re hiring a photographer whose style is similar to my own, but all of your photo editing and product fulfillment will be through me.

Every one of my associate photographers is talented in their own right, and are specialized in capturing the moments and emotions important on your wedding day.


EB Wedding Photography

EB Wedding Photography


To sum up, everybody is different and will be comfortable with spending money on completely different things. And that’s totally okay! It’s best to ask questions, of any photographer you’re deciding to meet with.

If you’re interested in learning more about my associate packages, click here! I look forward to hearing from you.

I’m always here for an ear if you have questions or want to chat more!



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