6 Simple Tests Your Wedding Shoes Should Pass

Okay, let me give it to you straight. Most brides don’t consider how comfortable their shoes are before they purchase them for their big day. And I know, when it’s your wedding, comfort is the last thing you might be thinking of. What’s most important is how you feel about how you look! So, don’t compromise.

I’m going to lay out 6 simple things you should consider doing so that you can wear the shoes you want and still be as comfortable as possible.


Are They Broken In?

That’s right. You should wear your shoes a bit! We all know that a worn pair of shoes are far comfier than a brand new pair. We suggest you wear your shoes around the house every once in a while, just to get your shoes and your feet prepared!


Do They Have Inserts?

Maybe you’ve already thought of this! If you’ve got got foot pains already– then this should be your number one priority. Inserts come in so many shapes and sizes. If they don’t have the kind you’re looking for at your favorite shoe store, try the internet.


Are They Heated?

 It might sound strange but I highly recommend warming up your shoes the night before your wedding! Why? It will make it easier for the material to form around your elegant wedding feet! So, keep your shoes next to your heater at night OR bring along your blow dryer!


Are Your Feet Prepared? 

When was the last time you had a pedicure? You want your feet to be looking and feeling their best! Don’t let your dry feet cause extra discomfort. Moisturize! You won’t be sorry.


Are They the Right Shoe Style for Your Feet? 

I hate to say this but your foot might not work best in the stiletto. It’s sad, I know. But there are plenty of shoes out there that might fit your foot and body’s needs! If you’re having trouble finding the right shoes style for you, ask the experts in the shoes department!


Are You in Love With Them?

 Lastly, if you’re not in love with your shoes– put them back! Did you opt for comfort instead of style and are now regretting it? I hate to suggest it but if it makes you happier, wear what you want if you’re willing to tough out the pain! Sometimes it’s true. No pain, no gain. But be sure to follow all of these steps to get them as comfy-cozy as possible.


Alright, Cinderella- time to go hunting for you ideal slipper! Have questions? Feel free to reach out! Have you found the best shoes for your day and are dying to share? Snap a photo and send it my way?! I would love to celebrate your amazing finds along your wedding day planning. Enjoy it all, girl!


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